Online Reputation Management Services in India

It takes years to build reputation for Individuals as well as Brands, however even a slight mistake can take it all away. Remember even a single slip can ruin the reputation you build over the period of time. Unlike outdoor or print media, internet is real time and never forgets. Even a hint of rumour, just a hint, can lead to chain of events which can be the reason for your failure.

Why Online Reputation Management ?

Today, you and your business are acknowledged by what appears on the internet, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, hundreds of valuable contacts are lost each day due to the false and misleading rumors, complaints, and comments. Whether the erroneous comments have come from a competitor, industry reviews, ex-employee, or a discussion forum, the target is to tarnish your reputation, devastating it at worst.

At LibraryCom, we know how critical it is that you and your services have a positive reputation on the internet. Our ORM team knows how to neutralize negative conversations that are influencing your prospective clients.

Negate the Negative

We recognize the unfavorable search results of your brand, and provide a pro-active reputation management solution that enables us to defend your brand image. LibraryCom is skilled at assessing and repairing negative and damaging listings that can hurt the reputation of you and your firm by focusing on positive mentions of your brand that naturally outrank and push down the negative results.

Regular Monitoring and Maintenance

Whether you are a small / medium or a large firm, trust the experts at LibraryCom to help you restore and manage your positive online reputation. We will help you get your name back under your ongoing control so that you can focus on running your online business.

 You sure have a great product and you offer amazing services yet you are unable to retain your current customers or attract new clients and have a not so good identity online?

A stellar Online Reputation is THE ANSWER to all your snags!

To achieve that stellar online reputation, you must:

  • Be found on the first page when prospects search for you irrespective of the search engine
  • Have good reviews and high ratings across all the ratings and review sites
  • Have a strong online presence – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blogs and forums
  • Maintain strong relationship with your customers
  • Have an amazing website
  • Be a Brand that is relentlessly relevant


  • Demote of negative links.
  • Burrial of negative search.
  • Suppress negative links.
  • Manage your social media reputation.
  • Demote online complaints.
  • Consumer complaints Demote.
  • Manage online reputation.
  • Online complaints Demote.
  • Demote negative posts.
  • Demote of defamatory  links
  • Protect your online reputation.


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